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How to Make Custom-Fit Corsets
by Don McCunn

Volume 5 – Underbust Variations

Cover for How to Make Custom-Fit Corsets: Volume 5 - Underbust Variations
$10.00 USD
    Double Layer Underbust Corset
  • Preparing the Pattern & Fabric
  • Inserting the Opening Busk
  • Sewing the Corset Body
  • Adding White Steel Boning 
    Compression Underbust Corset
  • Adjusting the Pattern
  • Installing Lacing Bones
  • Sewing Bra Band Edging

This e-Book uses the patterns created in Volume 1 – The Underbust Pattern and builds on the instructions in Volume 4 – Construction Basics. It shows you how to create a double layer underbust corset and a single layer corset made from compression fabric. Click on the cover to see an enlarged view of these two corsets.

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