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How to Make Custom-Fit Corsets
by Don McCunn

Volume 1 – The Underbust Pattern

Cover for How to Make Custom-Fit Corsets: The Underbust Pattern
$10.00 USD
  • Create a Body Wrap
  • Create the Paper Patterns
  • Create and Fit a Muslin Mock-Up

This e-Book shows you how to create a pattern that covers the area from just under the bust to below the waist. Instructions are provided so you can either do-it-yourself or do it with the help of a second person. With this body wrap and pattern, you can make an underbust corset mock-up. The underbust corset is a good project for the first time corset maker. The fitting and construction processes are very straight forward.

This body wrap and pattern are also necessary for the Strapless and/or Shoulder Strap Corset patterns. So this e-Book is the foundation for the entire series.

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