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How to Make Custom-Fit Corsets
by Don McCunn

Overview of the Process, Part 1

The Body Wrap Press'n Seal Marked Underbust Body Wrap

To create a custom-fit corset: wrap the body with Press'n Seal, reinforce with masking tape, then draw on the primary seam lines.

The Trial Muslin Mockups

After the body wrap and the patterns have been created, use a muslin mock-up to verify the fit and indicate any additional design lines you may want to use.

Underbust Mock-up, front Underbust Mock-up, side Underbust Mock-up, back
Volume 1 - The Underbust Pattern made up in a Muslin Mock-up
Strapless Mock-up, front Strapless Mock-up, side Strapless Mock-up, back
Volume 2 - The Strapless Pattern made up in a Muslin Mock-up
Shoulder Strap Mock-up, front Shoulder Strap Mock-up, side Shoulder Strap Mock-up, back
Volume 3 - The Shoulder Strap Pattern made up in a Muslin Mock-up

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