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How To Make Custom-Fit Corsets
by Don McCunn

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How to Make Custom-Fit Corsets is a series of interactive e-Books that include video demonstrations as well as written descriptions. The series includes three different contemporary corset styles: the underbust, strapless, and shoulder strap corsets. It also provides both single layer and double layer corset construction techniques.

"Don's lifetime of experience and expertise in fitting and constructing bras and corsets will instruct and inspire you to produce very professional, satisfying results."

Review of How to Make Custom-Fit Corsets
by Joy Landeira, Notions, Winter 2015, p32


Important Note

The e-Books in this series are designed to work with Adobe Reader XI.
Testing indicates the e-Books do not work with Apple's iPad or other tablets.
To verify they will work on your system, use the free Introduction.

To optimize clarity and flexibility, the series is divided into separate e-Books that cover specific topics. You can use all the e-Books to create a variety of different corsets or select specific volumes for just one style. For example, you can create an underbust corset using just Volume 1 – The Underbust Pattern and Volume 4 – Construction Basics.

To learn more about the e-Books in this series, download the free Introduction or click the links below.


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